Pool And Filter Cleaning

We enumerate some of the actions which are required in order to have a healthy pool:

Water balance, pH adjustment

The ideal value of the pH for the successful treatment of the water varies between 7.0 and 7.4 and needs to be checked once a week. In a higher pH value (alkaline water) the water becomes aggressive for the skin, and the other treatment measures become less efficient. Furthermore calcium deposits can appear, the chlorine consumption rises and flocculation has no effect. If the pH value is too low (acidity) the water can damage the pool materials.


Pool water disinfection has the purpose of destroying bacteria, which can be a source of infection for the pool users. Our high quality products guarantee- if they are correctly and regularly used- the simplest and best solution against bacteria, fungi, and different germs. The advantages of treating water with active oxygen based products:

- they do not produce foam and have a neutral pH

- no chlorine smell

- they do not irritate your eyes and skin

- they do not dry out your hair and skin

- they are efficient in preventing algae

The advantages of treating water with chlorine based products:

- high efficiency

- the stabilizer ensures that even in high temperatures or powerful solar explosion, the free chlorine content is the same

- solid chlorine products do not leave waste and do not affect pH value

Algae prevention

Algae are vegetal micro-organisms which ensure a nourishing environment for bacteria. For a perfect, hygienic quality of the pool it is important to keep the water and all surfaces algae free. It is not always possible to eliminate algae with chlorine, because they can become immune to it. The outside pools, especially, need an additional treatment to prevent and eliminate algae. In these cases we can use special products which offer protection against algae.


Filtering systems are used to eliminate particles which create water turbidity and blurriness. Still, sand filters can only retain particles of a certain size. Smaller particles cannot be eliminated unless you have a supplementary help, called flocculation. There are special cartridges for flocculation which can be used in private pools that have sand filtering systems. Flocculation agents in concentrated form, with slow dissolution, are active during several days: they form flakes in the water that wrap the smallest particles, in order for them to be retained by the sand filer.

Filter treatment

Even though the steps mentioned above for water treatment are correctly followed, the water can become green or turbid, and the substance consumption can substantially grow. The most frequent reason is filter contamination and clogging. Filter disinfection eliminates any organic impurity that is left from the sand layer after cleaning the filter, creating the premise of crystalline water.

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