Fertilizing Turf And Plants

Fertilizing (applying fertilizer)

The land which is cultivated with a grass carpet is destined to wear out in a couple of years, if you don’t apply the correct doze of mineral elements which are taken from grass and removed while mowing. A grass carpet which is badly nourished and not fertilized can soon deteriorate, because it will be weak facing disease, it won’t be able to compete against weeds, it will not look as good as it should look and it will not fulfill its role. In the case of fertile and endowed land, fertilization has the purpose to administrate nutritional elements, which are used in cultivation; nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium are absorbed in large quantities and are called macro-elements. Calcium and magnesium are absorbed in small quantities and are called medium elements. Iron, copper, zinc, boron, cobalt, manganese are micro-elements, as important as the other elements because they manage the biological reactions.

By distributing complex fertilizers, we also ensure nitrogen(N), phosphorus (P), potassium(K) nutrition, combined with magnesium(Mg) and micro-elements. Using complex nitrogen forms, also known to be creeping, allows gradual release in time, thus preventing washing or polluting the aquifer layers from the subsoil. It is recommended that the nutrition should be done in as few interventions possible, normally 4 times a year. The fertilizer is spread on the grass carpet in the doses which are indicated in the fertilizing plan, which is determined according to land analysis. The distribution can take place in two ways:

*through dispersion

*with a dispenser cart, which offers a more homogeneous spread

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