Sport Fields Heating

In three weeks from the installation, the turf is ready to use! With heating cables installed under the turf of football and golf fields, the ground can be heated and the grass can start its process of growing from early spring. The surface will be ready two months earlier than the fields that don’t use heating systems. Moreover, the season can be prolonged until autumn, when we can thus prolong the growth of turf. Cable installation can be done when installing a new lawn, but it can also be done for the existing grass layers, by burying the cables into the ground.

The heating cables are installed 25-30 cm deep, to avoid damages produced by vertical lawn mower. The temperature around the grass roots ( approximately 10 cm deep) will be 6-10°C.

For bigger stadiums the power necessary to fuel the cables can be easily accessed. Normally the night lights systems are functional only when using the field. It is simple to modify the electric wiring so that we can access the necessary power for the heating cables the moment the night lights system is not in use.

The heating cables will be active 4-6 weeks, in the spring, so that the root network can grow before the field is used, in order to prevent turf destruction

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