Irrigation Systems

a. Automatic irrigation systems for parks and gardens

These systems receive orders from a minicomputer which controls the sequential opening and closing of some electrical taps. They allow the water to go through, the sprinkler head to rise and the watering.

After the automatic closing of the taps the sprinkler heads go back into the ground, staying hidden from sight until the next watering. The system is sheltered in ditches which are dug 30-50 cm deep and which are emptied of water during winter. In order to make an irrigation system, in the green space there has to be a plug and a one inch pipe, which must be connected to the water supply system of the garden

An automatic irrigation system for a 1000 m² surface can be installed in any season, and on any type of weather, in maximum 6 days. The system does not include the water charging pump or the water supply system which consists of pumps and a buffer tank.

b. Wells and pumps

In order to water your garden with automatic systems you need a large quantity of water but water flow and pressure may be insufficient, especially if you are connected to the local water supply system. In order to maintain the necessary flow and pressure, you can choose between the next possibilities:

- Installing a house water supply plant on the water pipe that goes in your yard.

- Installing a buffer tank with a floater and a house water supply plant which can draw water from the tank and push it towards the irrigation system.

- Digging a well and installing a house water supply plant with an immersion pump

- Build a pumping system composed of a house water supply plant with an immersion pump that will supply the buffer tank and from which a more powerful house water supply plant will draw water, with a surface pump, all the pumps being controlled by an electric float system. We also recommend you to take into account a separate water supply system for the garden (your own well, other then the one supplying the house, and pumps if necessary). The well can be designed by our partners and our engineers will verify the compliance of the parameters.

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