Land Sports Achievement

Coarse leveling land sports (tennis, soccer, volleyball, golf, etc.) is done with machines and fine leveling is done manually. Both smoothing methods using modern technology: Measuring distances GPS, lasers level with long-range, etc. Playing surfaces can be made of grass seeded rolls of turf, clay, asphalt, artificial turf, regupol (or gender rubber mats) casting in place or going on field.

Sports fields for restricting access inside and use metallic (pillars, frames, nets, gateways) assembled and mounted in fixed or removable joints in place for the project.

Garden Eco Construct offers prefabricated rolls of turf athletic fields, in rolls of standard sizes (with a width of 40 cm and a length of 250 cm) or large (60-120 cm wide and lengths that can reach 10 -15 m), known as the big roll. Rarely are sold carpets of grass transplanted shaped rectangular pieces. Scrolls offers the advantage of small size can be handled manually and be suitable seeding purposes small and irregularly shaped surfaces. Big roll mechanization requires specific sites both in the collection and the application phase, beyond the increased training of operators. Mechanization of operations has two big advantages:

> reduce physical involvement of operators;

> generating capacity increased working hours equivalent of labor used;

Roll big advantages are not only in favor of operators: end users can actually benefit from a top quality lawn insignificant due to the presence of suture lines, areas and ways dissected low penetration infested grass. By amplitude and regularity of their surfaces sporting exploit in particular scrolls large and besides faster installation aspects most appreciated are the increased stability of the layer of soil when used early and presence of minor lines of suture that can be discontinuous points and obstacles for the game. Carpets of grass sports absorption capacity and water disposal offers the possibility to resume the game in case of rain, which is why building these areas is based on profiling or permeable drainage lines.

For both solutions it is important to use materials sandy able to guarantee a high rate of water infiltration; the presence of fine particles of ground (mud or clay) between molds sand drainage systems severely compromise their ability water infiltration and therefore must be taken precautions significant because the sand is not contaminated land in any one of construction or maintenance stages. Grass carpet in rolls typically include an amount of pitch derived from the place of growth. The presence of such material is not tolerated, can use carpet of grass grown on a substrate of sand or rolls can be used in carpets cleaned, the contents of which land was previously removed by washing with water.

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