Eco Garden Construct is in charge of green space design in Cluj, and garden design in Cluj and the adjacent counties from Transylvania, and also from Bucharest.

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We deal with turf seeding, turf rolls installation, and we work closely with turf producers from important turf nurseries from all over the country and abroad. We have started to work in the field of garden design and green space design due to our passion for beautiful things and due to the environment, because we wanted to please people who love green spaces, plants and turfgrass. We like to do our job with young qualified personnel. We like to design gardens with style and innovative concepts, we like them to be modern and tasteful. The turf is a basic element in every garden, emphasizing the garden’s clean look. Before laying the turf we have to keep in mind all its uses, and according to that we will choose the right types of grass. In the case of turf which is used for playgrounds or sport fields, we think it is ideal to use robust herbs, which are resistant to attrition that is caused by stepping in the same place repeatedly. If you want a purely decorative turf we will choose leafy and thin stem herbs, which can also offer an optimal density degree/ m².

The idea of a company in the field of garden design has appeared as a result of the existing need, in this field, of a garden design company which can satisfy the high demands of the modern consumer for beautiful things and new technical requests. Thus we have chosen to work with the biggest turf producers from Romania and Europe, and also with the biggest producers and distributors of irrigation systems. We have a remarkable collaboration with plant and nursery producers from Romania and Europe, managing to provide any type of plant, of any dimension, including large ones with the help of specific heavy transport. We can manage works of special planting anywhere in Europe and also in countries like Georgia, Azerbaidjan, Turkmenistan, and Dubai.