2D Design. 3D Design

Eco Garden Construct offers 2D and 3D designed services for gardens with the help of the newest software applications which this field has to offer. This way you can see from the beginning how your garden will look like when it is finished. The time for completion and the costs will be calculated according to the size, shape and complexity of the project. We provide warranty and service for the works.

The stages of a project:

1. Identifying customer needs, regarding garden arrangements

2. Visiting the site where the garden will be arranged, with our qualified personnel. The surface will be thoroughly inspected, we will take a soil sample which will be submitted for a pedological analysis, after which we will analyze the possibilities of using certain types of works according to the land features- cascades, artesian fountains, watercourses, pools, grottos, architectural lakes, ponds, rustic bridges, decorative rocks etc.

3. Our client chooses the design for his/her property or decides upon a solution given by Eco Garden Construct.

4. Drafting a graphic sketch for the work

5. Design approval by the customer, establishing the project costs and signing the contract.

The design costs include mapping, bringing the sketches up to scale, making the structure plan (watering system plans, electric wiring for lights/plugs, drainage system, placing the well and water pumping system)making the planting plan and marking the alleys, placing the decor elements( barbecue, playground, lounge, gazebo, lake, cascade etc. ) elaborating the rough estimate of the arrangement altogether. One of the main information that our clients should tell us is the budget for the green space design. Based on this information the designer will draw up the general project and after that he will establish all the details: how many elements and what elements he will include in the project, what materials, the options, the technologies which will be used etc.